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North Wales Fire and Rescue Authority is proposing to cut one of Wrexham's two whole-time fire engines with the loss of 24 firefighters. Wrexham is the largest conurbation in the North, it has a huge industrial estate and the second largest prison in Europe along with a high number of vulnerable people and deprived communities.

These additional pressures will lead to a lack of cover for area, potentially endangering life and putting property at risk. We support enhanced cover for other parts of north Wales but not at the expense of halving the numbers of firefighters available in Wrexham. 

We, the undersigned, call on the North Wales Fire and Rescue Authority not to cut the Wrexham fire appliance and 24 firefighters' jobs.

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Sioned Edwards
Philip Coleman
Russell irene
Gareth Capper
Daisy Price
Margaret Hosie
Ken Roberts
Gaye Sampson
David Roberts
Jo Young
Bryan Roberts
Jane Samuels
Sharon Edwards
Harry Williams
Karen Bishop
Barbara Anyon
Sarah Evans
Natalie Jones
Lisa Martin
Karl Davies
Victoria Byrne
Colin Wynn
Howard Griffiths
Debra Griffiths
Joseph Bennett
Emily Harper
Jack Thomas Rogers
Jayne Farrell
Phil Tinsley
Alan Rogers
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  • Sioned Edwards
    signed 2023-11-12 08:07:02 +0000
  • Philip Coleman
    signed 2023-10-23 22:22:05 +0100
    No to cuts
  • Russell irene
    signed 2023-10-08 15:30:37 +0100
  • Gareth Capper
    signed 2023-10-07 15:48:18 +0100
  • Daisy Price
    signed 2023-10-06 21:40:09 +0100
  • Margaret Hosie
    signed 2023-10-06 19:14:07 +0100
  • Ken Roberts
    signed 2023-10-05 09:50:46 +0100
  • Gaye Sampson
    signed 2023-10-05 07:40:48 +0100
  • David Roberts
    signed 2023-10-04 21:07:35 +0100
  • Jo Young
    signed 2023-10-04 17:44:00 +0100
    KEEP the Fire Engine and 24 staff – these men and women are our emergency services that we should be proud of and want to keep – regardless. An important life or death serive shhould not even be thought of to cut.
  • Bryan Roberts
    signed 2023-10-04 09:37:35 +0100
  • Jane Samuels
    signed 2023-10-03 14:44:02 +0100
  • Sharon Edwards
    signed 2023-10-03 09:55:19 +0100
  • Harry Williams
    signed 2023-10-03 02:08:27 +0100
    The fire fighters are an integral part of all sciociety and are all highly trained with specialist skills that cannot be covered by part time or reserve personnel without the adequate training for the job in hand.

    Whether in North Wales or any where else.

    Also some fire fighters are specifically trained for aerial ladders, chemical spillage, gas,electric, or environmental emergencies, as well as house fire’s car accidents and cats up the tree ? thus if they or some of them where removed “especially the highly skilled or full time experienced staff” that would create a big problem when assessing an emergency and looking at what staff are available to attend.

    And in the case of Wrexham it has i think the largest industrial estate in Wales plus not to forget the Hospital, Erddig park and the Moors bearing in mind "global warming "

    If there was ever a major incident we would struggle now with two full time crew never mind in the future. SO PLEASE LEAVE ALONE.
  • Karen Bishop
    signed 2023-10-02 23:53:23 +0100
    We need our Firefighters.
  • Barbara Anyon
    signed 2023-10-02 21:50:12 +0100
  • Sarah Evans
    signed 2023-10-02 21:14:12 +0100
  • Natalie Jones
    signed 2023-10-02 21:03:46 +0100
  • Lisa Martin
    signed 2023-10-02 20:56:47 +0100
  • Karl Davies
    signed 2023-10-02 20:32:37 +0100
  • Victoria Byrne
    signed 2023-10-02 16:01:24 +0100
  • Colin Wynn
    signed 2023-10-01 22:59:35 +0100
    More cut backs on some thing we all need to keep us safe knowing they are there.but can spend £33 million on 20 miles an hr signs.
  • Howard Griffiths
    signed via 2023-09-30 07:18:13 +0100
  • Debra Griffiths
    signed 2023-09-30 07:15:02 +0100
  • Joseph Bennett
    signed 2023-09-10 16:07:18 +0100
  • Emily Harper
    signed 2023-09-10 16:05:21 +0100
  • Jack Thomas Rogers
    signed 2023-09-07 14:57:04 +0100
  • Jayne Farrell
    signed 2023-09-07 12:46:44 +0100
  • Phil Tinsley
    signed 2023-09-06 20:31:55 +0100
  • Alan Rogers
    signed 2023-09-06 20:02:44 +0100

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