Protect Summerhill's Green Space


A formal application for outline planning permission has now been submitted to Wrexham Council, which you can view here by searching with the Case Number P/2020/0151 :

In 2016, an application for 59 houses on this site and adjoining fields was refused by Wrexham Council, and then again on appeal to the Planning Inspectorate (Case Number P/2016/0738). Factors such as traffic and flooding/drainage were considered, but it was refused mainly because it extended the village boundary into green barrier. It was described by the Inspector as “an illogical addition to the development of Summerhill” which would be “materially detrimental to the landscape and townscape character” of the area. 

Nothing has changed!

Re-submitting the application bit by bit still breaches the village boundary and is still illogical.

If you agree, please sign our open letter to Wrexham Council and the developers to protect our open space - click here 


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