Stop urban sprawl on Mold Rd green field



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A proposal to build a new estate of almost 100 houses on green fields off Mold Road will cause more urban sprawl. The scheme will also cause more congestion on the Mold Road, an important link from the Gwersyllt area into Wrexham. It will also put more pressure on existing services such as health, schools and other infrastructure.

The plan is currently at the consultation stage before being submitted for planning permission to Wrexham Council. It's important that you have your say at this stage to make it clear that local residents have legitimate concerns about this development.


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We, the undersigned, oppose plans to build another 100 houses on a greenfield site off Mold Road next to St Giles Park estate on the grounds of increased congestion on an already busy road and increased pressure on schools and health services.

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Sion Hughes
Jamie Harrison
Emma Holland
Roy Thomas
Darren Wood
Dave Gillin
Rosella Castanedda
Kerry Williams
June Evans
Carol Bould
Rachel Edwards
David Moore
Lynn Jones
Tracy Davies
Ashleigh Lightfoot
Peter Williams
Judith Stubbs
Kirsten Delinicolis
Helen Conway
Ryan Wynne
Nick Okeeffe
Lilian Atkinson
Simon Brennan
Trevor Taylor
Bethan Roberts
Aelfryn Roberts
Peter Squire
Rhiannon Owens-Hall
Stuart Lloyd
Amy Matthews
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  • Sion Hughes
    signed 2024-01-05 14:29:06 +0000
    Terrible idea! Its a conservation area, and the traffic is already bad, with 1 fatal accident in the lastvyear already
  • Jamie Harrison
    signed 2024-01-05 14:27:32 +0000
    No not agree to the development
  • Emma Holland
    signed 2023-03-05 14:57:27 +0000
    Don’t build on green belt!
  • Roy Thomas
    signed 2023-03-01 20:40:14 +0000
    They have not stopped building in Gwersyllt since 1962 as far as we can remember, We have lived here for 50 years, once we had green fields all around us but now we are living in a concrete jungle, All our resources In the village are stretched to the limit….Before long we will be joined up to Wrexham with houses all along the bypass & no green spaces left, I oppose this new development very strongly it will cause Chaos with all the traffic, it’s bad enough for people trying to get to work on time without More traffic …. We don’t want more houses built in Gwersyllt….
  • Darren Wood
    signed 2023-02-26 20:14:12 +0000
    Build the hospital bigger first, Gwersyllt is big enough already for more housing.

    This A541 road alone is like a drag race track ( Wheatsheaf to B&Q roundabout) and on both sides too, walk your dog/kids along the pavement and you’ll get what i’am saying, don’t encourage more to walk to Gwersyllt shops or Lidl.

    It’s hard enough getting out of St Giles Park estate onto the roundabout at times wondering if drivers are going to give way and stop so what’s the new estate junction going to be like, nowhere near safe enough, Stansty junction is the same, only a matter of time before something bad happens along here cause some folk can’t judge the speed approaching cars are doing.

    The roundabout has had a few cars go through it, signs are off and lighting at the crossing has been reported but not fixed.

    To the planning committee, if Ryan Reynolds or Rob McElhenney asked you NOT to build this estate am sure you would all say NO!!
  • Dave Gillin
    signed 2023-02-26 16:05:33 +0000
    Not enough infrastructure with houses already in the area and this just adds more strain. Doctors appointments take weeks now never mind with these houses. Stop all new builds and concentrate on services for the people already in the area.

  • Rosella Castanedda
    signed 2023-02-26 15:06:24 +0000
    overwhelming traffic in the morning school run in the area and too much pressure in the public services already so we don’t need another housing development…
  • Kerry Williams
    signed 2023-02-15 19:49:01 +0000
    Too much pressure on local services already.
  • June Evans
    signed 2023-02-15 12:54:24 +0000
    We don’t have the room for more houses .Our hospital is overflowing our schools are over flowing as are our doctors surgeries . Get a grip we do not need more land built on were is the water from rain going to go if we keep getting rid of green space . Oh yes flooding let’s not forget that .
  • Carol Bould
    signed 2023-02-15 12:39:38 +0000
  • Rachel Edwards
    signed 2023-02-15 11:19:24 +0000
    Amenities are already full to bursting. More pressure on services and a road network that are already stretched.
  • David Moore
    signed 2023-02-15 10:50:48 +0000
  • Lynn Jones
    signed 2023-02-15 10:21:51 +0000
  • Tracy Davies
    signed 2023-02-15 09:38:06 +0000
    The existing residents of Gwersyllt and surrounding areas are already unable to access the local health services, so bringing more people into the area will worsen an already fragile situation, plus the infrastructure of the area is just not working as is!
  • Ashleigh Lightfoot
    signed 2023-02-15 09:27:23 +0000
  • Peter Williams
    signed 2023-02-15 08:59:18 +0000
    We are gradually losing more and more green spaces, with a negative effect on the well-being of current residents

    Even now, there are times when the Mold Rd is at a standstill; the infrastructure cannot cope with yet more traffic

    Contrary to what the developer says, there are not medical facilities, rather there is A medical practice, which already struggles with its existing patient numbers; the dental practices are equally not up to taking on extra patients
  • Judith Stubbs
    signed 2023-01-24 11:35:22 +0000
  • Kirsten Delinicolis
    signed 2023-01-20 13:40:13 +0000
  • Helen Conway
    signed 2023-01-17 17:09:06 +0000
  • Ryan Wynne
    signed 2023-01-12 22:43:59 +0000
  • Nick Okeeffe
    signed 2023-01-12 16:47:23 +0000
  • Lilian Atkinson
    signed 2023-01-12 02:37:48 +0000
    Wales is known for its beautiful green land, are you intending to go the way of Cheshire where the once green land is being eaten up by money hungry prospectors, land owners, councils etc? So wrong! We need decent Drs surgeries built to house actual RESIDENT GPS for THE PEOPLE. The town is slowly becoming an inhumane place to reside, but all these comments won’t make any difference unfortunately until ordinary folk become members of the council! So very sad to not have ANY faith whatsoever in government agencies!
  • Simon Brennan
    signed 2023-01-10 12:23:25 +0000
  • Trevor Taylor
    signed 2023-01-10 12:10:41 +0000
    Infrastructure will not support further housing estates being built
  • Bethan Roberts
    signed 2023-01-10 11:29:04 +0000
  • Aelfryn Roberts
    signed 2023-01-08 19:55:55 +0000
  • Peter Squire
    signed 2023-01-08 17:01:33 +0000
    The whole infrastructure is not set up for further development. This is just down to greedy developers, who have officials in their pockets and don’t care about anyone else
  • Rhiannon Owens-Hall
    signed 2023-01-08 16:57:53 +0000
    The pond that exists in the middle of the field has been on maps of the local area for more than 100 years. Its presence in the field, personally witnessed since moving into my house in 2007, is nowhere to be seen on any of the plans that Castle Green has made available for scrutiny.

    Currently, the proposed site is part of the original Greenbelt in the Wrexham Unitary Development Plan. Any proposed changes to the current status have not been ratified and should be rejected by Wrexham Council.

    It would be very interesting to know where and how Castle Green has acquired the Figure 5: Emerging Local Development Plan Proposals Map Extract that they present in their documentation in 5.14 as this plan has not been easily accessible to the public on the Wrexham Council’s documentation.

    There will be an issue relating to the drainage of foul water.

    Additionally, the issue of safety relating to the turning right or left from the proposed access to the site has not been fully considered. Most vehicle traffic will want to turn left, towards the main arterial road, that runs northwards towards Chester/Manchester/Liverpool, and runs south towards Shrewsbury, Birmingham and mid Wales, the A483.

    The site will not attract people that want to work in Wrexham and the surrounding area as it will become a dormitory site for those who will take their expertise and knowledge to the larger conurbation, towns and cities that are within easy commuting distance from Wrexham.

    In the documentation submitted for scrutiny by Castle Green there are inaccuracies that indicate either typographical errors or inaccurate copying and pasting. Careful proof reading of the submission is always advisable.
  • Stuart Lloyd
    signed 2023-01-08 10:32:21 +0000
    The public services and road networks around Wrecsam are not up to further development and increases in population
  • Amy Matthews
    signed 2023-01-08 10:02:58 +0000

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