Don't demolish old Rhosddu Vicarage

In January 2020, Wrexham Council's Executive Board voted behind closed doors to demolish Rhosddu's old Vicarage.

This was the only option on the table, despite previous offers to purchase the building being rejected by the council. No consultation about the options have taken place within the community and, until now, all discussions had been held in private.

The old Vicarage sits in the heart of the community between St James' Church and Rhosddu Spar. It's been empty for 15 years after the council declared it surplus to requirements.

The local councillor Marc Jones is calling for all options to be explored to bring the building back into use for the good of the community before any demolition takes place.

Those options include:

1. Sell it to an interested party to bring it back into use for employment or accommodation (with a clause forbidding demolition)
2. Develop it for community use (a local community group could access funds for renovation)
3. Incorporate it into any council housing development planned for the wider site.
4. If none of the above options work, demolition.

Keeping it empty for even longer is not an option, especially as the old Printworks on the other side of St James' Church has been lying idle under private ownership for a similar amount of time.

Cllr Jones said: "The executive board tried to keep this behind closed doors but have failed. Now that this matter is out in the open, I'd like the community to have their say.

"The threat of demolition still hangs over the building because the Executive Board decision still stands but assurances have been given that nothing imminent is planned. It's up to us as a community to make the case for an alternative or to find a better use for what is a very solid building with a new roof."

We, the undersigned, support all efforts to put Rhosddu's old Vicarage back into use for the benefit of the community.

Rydym ni, yr isod, yn cefnogi pob ymdrech i sicrhau dyfodol i hen Ficerdy Rhosddu er lles y gymuned.

Who's signing

Anne McCaddon
Geraint Jones
Amber Fox
Olwen dorman
John Williams
Davies Annette
Anna Dowicz
Lewis Gurran
Siôn Edwards
Sara Williams Williams
Diane McCann
Lynette Hughes
Christopher Hall
Rosemary Beynon
Debra Postle
Gareth Robinson
warren crewe
Meike Taylor
Frank Sean Edwards
Jo Lloyd
Jayia Jones
David Garrett
Brendan Griffiths
Al Robb
Elaine Hughes
Claire Corry
Elizabeth Owen
Karen Phillips
Nick Roe
Mia Jeffs
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  • Anne McCaddon
    signed 2021-05-27 23:37:38 +0100
  • Geraint Jones
    signed 2021-05-27 22:15:26 +0100
  • Amber Fox
    signed 2021-05-27 21:51:32 +0100
  • Olwen dorman
    signed 2021-05-27 21:40:24 +0100
    we need to preserve the building for future generations it is such a part of the character of our past
  • John Williams
    signed 2021-05-27 20:54:05 +0100
    As a former resident of what used to be a colourful, characterful market town with a lot of history. I am quite disgusted into what the council has morphed this into. Taken all the colour, character and history out of a town by NOT representing the peoples wishes.
  • Davies Annette
    signed 2021-05-27 20:21:13 +0100
  • Anna Dowicz
    signed 2021-05-27 20:07:15 +0100
  • Lewis Gurran
    signed 2021-05-24 16:07:05 +0100
  • Siôn Edwards
    signed 2021-05-23 22:39:09 +0100
  • Sara Williams Williams
    signed 2021-05-23 18:18:08 +0100
    Wrexham council are responsible for the demolition of many historic buildings this must not suffer the same fate
  • Diane McCann
    signed 2021-05-23 09:53:23 +0100
  • Lynette Hughes
    signed 2021-05-22 17:37:16 +0100
  • Christopher Hall
    signed 2021-05-22 13:47:40 +0100
  • Rosemary Beynon
    signed 2021-05-21 08:55:40 +0100
  • Debra Postle
    signed 2021-05-20 22:31:51 +0100
  • Gareth Robinson
    signed 2021-05-20 22:27:42 +0100
  • warren crewe
    signed 2021-05-20 21:24:05 +0100
  • Meike Taylor
    signed 2021-05-20 20:09:30 +0100
  • Frank Sean Edwards
    signed 2021-05-20 17:38:11 +0100
  • Jo Lloyd
    signed 2021-05-20 16:36:38 +0100
  • Jayia Jones
    signed 2021-05-20 15:24:00 +0100
  • David Garrett
    signed 2021-05-20 15:13:37 +0100
  • Brendan Griffiths
    signed 2021-05-20 14:35:30 +0100
    As a local resident I can’t understand the council’s logic here. This building would be perfect for a community hub. Demolition will cause lots of stress and disruption and is a huge waste of public funds.
  • Al Robb
    signed 2021-05-20 14:34:15 +0100
    Fed up of this council destroying things. And why do they like to discuss things in secret?
  • Elaine Hughes
    signed 2021-05-20 13:04:29 +0100
  • Claire Corry
    signed 2021-05-20 12:56:35 +0100
  • Elizabeth Owen
    signed 2021-05-20 11:59:30 +0100
  • Karen Phillips
    signed 2021-05-20 11:53:20 +0100
    This is a beuatiful building which I visited often when I was working nearby. It has been left by the coucnil to go to ruin, as many other Heritage buildings in Wrexham are. Use the £50,000 to refurbish it.
  • Nick Roe
    signed 2021-05-20 09:47:36 +0100
    The building should be retained in the interest of sustainability, and because it is a heritage building and part of the setting of the listed St. James’s Church
  • Mia Jeffs
    signed 2021-05-20 09:19:49 +0100

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