Racecourse Regeneration / Adfywio'r Cae Ras

We support the Racecourse Regeneration to create a 5,000-seater stand with appropriate conferencing and exhibition facilities on Crispin Lane as part of a wider masterplan for the Mold Road Gateway. 

We call on the Welsh Government and others to make this a reality by providing the necessary funding to regenerate the Racecourse, build a 5,000-seater stand with new conferencing and exhibition facilities on Crispin Lane. 


Cefnogwn Adfywio'r Cae Ras a chreu eisteddle 5,000 o seddi ar y Kop gydag adnoddau oddi tano fel rhan o gynllun strategol ar gyfer Porth Ffordd yr Wyddgrug.

Galwn ar Llywodraeth Cymru ac eraill i sicrhau fod hyn yn digwydd drwy ariannu adfywiad y Cae Ras, codi eisteddle 5,000 sedd  gydag adnoddau priodol oddi tano.

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