Oppose housing plans for Hawarden and Ewloe

Plans to build hundreds of new houses on green field sites at Hawarden and Ewloe in Flintshire are being opposed by local residents and campaigners.

You can join the opposition by signing the petition to oppose the plans, which have been permitted under Flintshire's Local Development Plan. The plan does not reflect the needs of local communities, trashes swathes of our countryside and will potentially add to flooding and drainage problems. Hundreds of new houses also raise questions about how roads, schools, GPs and other vital services will cope with additional congestion and people. 

Housing developers always seek to build on green field sites rather than regenerate derelict and brownfield sites - it's more profitable.

The planning system - and the Labour Government - works in their favour rather than local communities. There is a genuine need for affordable housing but building houses costing £250,000 to £350,000 will not answer that need. 

New Homes in Penyffordd Are A Gift That Keeps Giving

You can read more here: Hundreds object to 300-home 'merger' of posh Welsh village with 'humble' neighbour (msn.com)

Flintshire residents are not alone - in nearby Wrexham there are plans to build two new 'neighbourhoods' that will see two new super-estates built on greenfield sites. The planning system is broken when 3,200 homes can be proposed without any additional services to meet additional demand. Read more here: Reasons to oppose the 455 homes on the circus fields off the A483 | Wrecsam.news

We call on Flintshire County Council to revise its Local Development Plan and for Welsh Government to prioritise brownfield site development rather than allowing large housing developers to trash our countryside. Stop the housing sprawl, protect our environment, safeguard our services.

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  • Marc Jones
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This starts with you

They have the money but we have the people. If everyone who visits this website joins our movement, there's nothing we can't accomplish together.