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The recent fire at the Hafod landfill site between Johnstown and Ruabon caused a large plume of dense black smoke to spread across the local area. People were urged to close their windows and stay indoors - for good reason. The burning of plastics and other waste materials can create dioxins and furans, highly toxic chemicals that can get into the food chain and accumulate in larger mammals, including humans.

The landfill site at Hafod quarry was imposed on the community more than a decade ago by councils in Merseyside, who saw this as an easy way to dispose of their rubbish. Despite being refused planning permission initially by Wrexham Council, it was granted on appeal by the then environment minister Carwyn Jones.

We need an independent inquiry to find out how the fire started and assess the dangers caused by the landfill site.

We also need councils to take responsibility for their waste and stop taking the easy option of dumping it in Wales. 

We say close Hafod landfill site down and recycle or re-use your rubbish.

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Following the fire at Hafod landfill site, we call for the following:

- an independent inquiry to find out how the fire started and assess the dangers caused by the landfill site.

- for other councils to take responsibility for their waste and stop taking the easy option of dumping it in Wales. 

- close Hafod landfill site down 


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David Hughes
Paula Afonso
Gareth Griffiths
Nicole Mellor
Carl Bird
Annabel Lawton
Catherine Clapham
fiona matthews
Brenda Price
John Liversage
Carol Farmer
Alison Walker
Tracy Perkins
Tina Jones
Ceri Williams
Danielle Rooney
Natalie Overthrow
mark Lewis
Christine Roberts
Rachel Lewis
susan evans
halina burgess
Kari Cartledge
T Jarvis
Robert Gilpin
Christine Bagnall
Ella Jonkman
Joy McHugh
Tomos Garston
Gillian Cooper
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  • David Hughes
    signed 2020-06-02 12:01:51 +0100
  • Paula Afonso
    signed 2020-06-02 11:59:03 +0100
  • Gareth Griffiths
    signed 2020-06-02 11:57:01 +0100
  • Nicole Mellor
    signed 2020-06-02 11:55:30 +0100
    I agree it needs to go but there also needs to be a strategy in place to reduce the volume of waste we make. If successful, I can see it being moved to another area where it will be out of sight and out of mind for our residents but a problem for whoever lives locally to the new site. This is not tackling the root cause. Our throw away culture is the problem and the lack of respect we have for our environment.
  • Carl Bird
    signed 2020-06-02 11:50:01 +0100
  • Annabel Lawton
    signed 2020-06-02 11:47:34 +0100
  • Catherine Clapham
    signed 2020-06-02 11:47:29 +0100
  • fiona matthews
    signed 2020-06-02 11:47:00 +0100
  • Brenda Price
    signed via 2020-06-02 11:45:53 +0100
    It gives of terrible fumes all year. And when on fire Toxic droplets all over houses etc. This landfill site Should be closed down. A danger to public. Health. It is too near residential housing. Councillors do not care. Not in. Their. Back yard. And we all know money talks??
  • John Liversage
    signed 2020-06-02 11:45:48 +0100
    Should have been closed years ago
  • Carol Farmer
    signed via 2020-06-02 11:45:23 +0100
    This landfill has been an ongoing nuisance for many years now. It is a disgrace that this site was given permission to even commence operations in the first place, being so close to housing and schools. The residents of Johnstown have always vehemently protested against this landfill as we

    observed , with utter dismay , the tonnes of household and commercial waste from Liverpool being dumped at Hafod landfill daily. The Hafod Action Group fought tirelessly for many years even taking our concerns and objections to Brussels.

    There is often an odour of methane in the air, small black flies circulate and window cills and cars have a daily coating of dust and grime. The smell is very unpleasant and restricts residents from being able to enjoy sitting out in their gardens. Foam rubber / sponge like ‘briquettes’ are often seen along the road from the landfill towards the A483 by pass, which cause drivers , to swerve out into the road to avoid hitting them as they actually look like bricks.

    This massive fire, which in addition to requiring teams of fire-fighters to work valiantly and steadily over for many days to contain, is the last straw. The acrid smell, together with plumes of thick grey / black smoke caused yet again even more inconvenience and discomfort to the residents of Johnstown, and even further afield in Wrexham, as they were forced to continue in lockdown by staying indoors, in temperatures of around 23 degrees, but with their windows and doors closed for fear of inhaling toxic fumes. Thoroughfares including Bangor Road and Heol Orsaf were closed to traffic for many days.

    Enough is enough. This blot on the landscape has to go.
  • Alison Walker
    signed 2020-06-02 11:44:37 +0100
  • Tracy Perkins
    signed 2020-06-02 11:44:23 +0100
  • Tina Jones
    signed 2020-06-02 11:43:46 +0100
  • Ceri Williams
    signed 2020-06-02 11:40:22 +0100
  • Danielle Rooney
    signed 2020-06-02 11:40:03 +0100
  • Natalie Overthrow
    signed 2020-06-02 11:36:27 +0100
  • mark Lewis
    signed 2020-06-02 11:28:35 +0100
  • Christine Roberts
    signed 2020-06-02 11:01:24 +0100
  • Rachel Lewis
    signed 2020-06-02 10:45:07 +0100
    Close this site permanently.
  • susan evans
    signed 2020-06-02 10:28:44 +0100
  • halina burgess
    signed 2020-06-02 09:55:42 +0100
  • Kari Cartledge
    signed 2020-06-02 09:34:39 +0100
  • T Jarvis
    signed 2020-06-02 09:30:30 +0100
  • Robert Gilpin
    signed 2020-06-02 09:30:03 +0100
    I was there when this was being opened, someone got a dirty backhander for this, and just like when Cymru councils took money to house problem families from Liverpool & Manchester the long term effects cost far more
  • Christine Bagnall
    signed 2020-06-02 09:19:52 +0100
  • Ella Jonkman
    signed 2020-06-02 09:13:28 +0100
    It’s over 20 years ago we formed the Hafod Enviromental Committee to try to stop this development. After many years of fighting this application with the assistance of the local community, we lost the battle. The community has suffered the consequences. This must be stopped now. It looked as though it has reached its maximum in any case. Good luck to the present committee.
  • Joy McHugh
    signed 2020-06-02 09:02:34 +0100
    We need to protect our environment, so we have to put a lid on this and screw it tight so that we can breathe easy.
  • Tomos Garston
    signed 2020-06-02 09:02:03 +0100
  • Gillian Cooper
    signed 2020-06-02 09:01:04 +0100

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