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Carrie Harper is a County Councillor and Independence campaigner who is determined to take our movement forward in north Wales.

Carrie was born and raised in Caia Park in Wrecsam, the biggest council estate in north Wales. She still lives on the estate with her partner and their two children and has represented the Queensway ward for Plaid Cymru since 2008.

Growing up in an area that has some of the highest levels of child poverty in Wales, Carrie understands inequality better than most and is passionate about lifting her community up. An experienced campaigner on issues such as planning, health and climate change, her focus is building a better Wales and championing the message that this will only be possible through a Plaid Cymru Government and ultimately through Independence.

Carrie is also passionate about the Welsh language, she is a learner herself and her partner and two children are fluent Welsh speakers. She has campaigned for new Welsh medium schools and was one of the founding members of the Saith Seren cultural centre, which supports both Welsh speakers and learners, as well as promoting Welsh culture.

"When I first stood for Plaid Cymru 12 years ago in a staunch Labour area just a few miles from the border, some people told me I was wasting my time. But I won, and my community welcomed the change Plaid signified with open arms.

The party has gained strength and momentum across the area since then and now it's time to expand our support across the north east, this is key to securing success for Plaid Cymru but fundamentaly to taking the whole Independence movement forward. We need to unite our communities across the north if we're going to build this nation.

We’re facing an uncertain future, because of Covid, because of climate change, because of Brexit. It’s clear our communities don't want to return to an old system that has failed them for generations, they want bold new solutions to face these difficult challenges.

I want to take Plaid's message to the communities Labour forgot, the time for half measures is over, we can have radical change in Wales but we need to elect radically different politics to deliver it. 2021 is our opportunity to do just that, if we seize the moment."


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News articles

With well over a decade of work for Plaid Cymru and a wealth of community campaigning experience across north Wales, Carrie written a great deal about her views on a whole host of different issues. Here are links to some of her more recent published articles:


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    Da iawn Carrie. Rwyf yn eich cefnogi gant y cant. Pop lwc yn eich hymgyrch. Richard Griffiths.